How To Cut The Cost Of Your Habits

Published: January 20, 2015
By: Faye Hollands

Psychologists estimate that a whopping 95% of what you do, feel and think  about today will be the same as yesterday, all because we’re creatures of habit!  Needless to say, the habits you choose significantly impact the quality of the life you lead so it’s vital to pick your habits consciously, instead of being swept away by costly behavior you’ve cultivated over the years.

Bad habits can sap your energy and motivation as well as create stress and disease, whereas good habits lead to a healthy, balanced life that’s rewarding and invigorating.  So if habits play such an integral part in the quality of our lives why don’t we change them more often?

The problem is that habits are typically unconscious and we are only fully aware of them about 5% of the time, so to change a habit we have to consciously take a step back and view our behavior objectively.  By reading this article you are already consciously thinking about your habits, which is a great place to start!

In order to cut the potential costs of your habits you need to raise your level of awareness regarding your current behavior patterns.  Take a moment now to discover whether or not your habits are currently supporting you: –

  1. What are your current habits? (think about your personal and professional life)
  2. What will happen in 1, 5 and 10 years time as a result of your current habits?
  3. What impact are your financial habits having on your life?
  4. What impact are your relationship habits having on your life?
  5. What impact are your productivity habits having on your life?
  6. What impact are your career habits having on your life?

Are you happy with what you see?  Or would you like to make some changes to become the person you really want to be?

If you want to switch any of your habits it’s important to asses the long-term impact they will have on you so that you’re clear on WHY you want to change.  This will help build your level of internal motivation, which is crucial for sustained results.

Staying in the same boring job year after year just because it’s comfortable and secure is about ‘now’, but what are the consequences on your career in 5 or 10 years time?   Eating junk food and being glued to the T.V. is about ‘now’, but what are the consequences on your health in 6 months or a year’s time?

The flip of this is to recognise the impact positive habits play on your life so that you keep them up.  What is the long-term pay-off of regular savings?  Or investing in your personal development regularly?  Or following your career plan?  Or eating healthily?

If you’re ready to start changing some of your habits pick one today that you want to break and commit to taking conscious action on it over the next 30 days.  Get a plan in place, make sure you’re crystal clear on the ramifications if you don’t make those changes, and then give it 110%.

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Faye Hollands

About Faye Hollands

Faye is an accomplished Career Coach, Small Business Coach and Productivity Specialist who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create a career they love, get more done in less time, and achieve personal and professional success. To receive weekly articles to improve your career, business and time management skills click here or book your Free Focus Session here.

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