Outshine In The Media: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sept 2013

Published: September 26, 2013
By: Faye Hollands

If your workplace is anything like Cosmo’s, it’s filled with amazing peeps who can gossip about the result of the Australia’s Next Top Model finale one minute and have a heated debate about politics the next. (You guys do that too, right?) The moral of the story is, seeing as you spend most of your time at work, it makes sense to be friendly with those you share a water cooler with.  But with any work friendship comes a whole lotta roadblocks that have the potential to make you life awkies. We show you how to maintain that work-friendship boundary…

Friends At Work

Article written by Edwina Carr, Cosmopolitan Magazine – you can read the original article by clicking here or see below.

Work buddies rock

While some people take the “I’m not here to make friends” approach when they join a new office, we’re here to tell you that a little bit of office friendship goes a long way in making your working day run smoothly. “It’s much more fun to work with people you get on with; you’re more  likely to produce better work as a result; and employees who get along well often handle issues at work much more successfully,” explains career and business coach Faye Hollands.

Draw the line

While we do encourage you trying to get to know your colleagues, there’s a right and wrong way to go about it. “It’s best not to cross any professional lines with your friends at work that could lead to problems later on down the track if circumstances change, or there are issues at work. So keep information such as your salary and performance reviews under wraps,” recommends Faye. And that includes office gossip – if someone tells you confidential info about the business, keep it to yourself, even if you’re dying to share it with someone else.

Fight distraction

Friends at work = more time spent talking. More time spent talking = decreased productivity levels. So now that they’re your buddy, asking them to quit stopping by your desk for a chat every five minutes is pretty awkward, right? The key is in your delivery. “Use a friendly tone of voice and be clear on your boundaries. Let your friend know that you’re busy, but that you’re happy to have a chat when you’ve finished your work,” advises Faye. “Then lose eye contact, get stuck back into what you’re doing, and let your friend know when you’ve finished.”

Remember your place

Although you might get along with your boss like a house on fire in a social sense, it’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, they are your boss and they needed to be treated as such in the workplace. “Being best buddies with your boss who then has to discipline you can be terribly awkward for both of you,” says Faye.

“So it’s always important to remember the role you play within you organisation regardless of your friendship.” And just ‘cause you’re mates with someone senior, doesn’t mean you should let your work slip – it’ll just make it more awkies when they have to bring you into line.

Do you have friend at work? Have you experienced these roadblocks?

Faye Hollands

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  1. Valeria

    I totally agree with the article: it’ s much better to work in a friendly environment where you feel safe and relaxed rather that working with people who we only see as “colleagues”.


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