How To Get A Great Attitude

Published: March 12, 2010
By: Faye Hollands

Regardless of the season, a good attitude is always a ‘must have’ in your wardrobe – it has the power to create a fulfilling and happy life full of great opportunities and experiences.  So what attitude are you wearing?  Are you someone that makes things happen or are you watching from the sidelines as life passes you by?

Choose Your Attitude

The exciting thing is that we all have full control over our attitudes – it’s the one thing in life that you always have the power to change, regardless of how hard that may seem at times, and no-one can take it away from you.

Your attitude is a choice about how you want to feel, how you are going to react, and what you are doing to do about a given situation.  Your reaction determines what happens in your life and the meaning you assign to that creates your attitude.

So just like your wardrobe, you get to choose what attitude you’re going to ‘wear’ each and every day.  Now as simple as that sounds, we all know that choosing a positive attitude can at times be really hard!  Taking full responsibility for your life will give you the results you want, both personally and professionally, but that means you have to stop blaming, quit feeling guilty, give up self-sabotaging and instead decide to wear an attitude that conspires for your success.

We’ve all had times in our lives when we’ve been really motivated to get something done, maybe because a particular situation had become too uncomfortable to deal with any longer.  At that point you would have experienced a complete change in attitude and at that moment your life changed to some degree.  You expected more for yourself, and you changed your attitude in line with that.

So how can you get to that place regularly and sustain the attitude and motivation you need to live a better life?

Firstly, you need to have a clear vision, or goal, that you wholeheartedly want to achieve, and then you need to choose the attitude required to get there.  For example, if you want to find a job you love and are passionate about, you need to have the right attitude to make the vision a reality.  If you want to change career, are you saying to yourself that it’s not possible to have a job you love, or that you can’t change career because of your financial responsibilities, or are you determined enough to find a way to secure a job you’re inspired by and one that compliments your lifestyle?

Your attitude needs to match your vision, and on top of that you need to be committed to ‘wearing’ your attitude everyday.  It needs to be a part of who you are, and you have to live and breath it that attitude at all times.

So take a moment now to think about one thing you would really like to achieve in your life?  Get a clear picture of what that looks like to you, hear the sounds that are going on around you, imagine how it feels to be in that moment, and what it means to you to reach that goal.

Once you have that picture clear in your mind, ask yourself: –

  • What attitude do I currently have about achieving this goal?
  • What attitude do I need to have to achieve this goal?

Now you’ve identified the ideal attitude to help you achieve success, ‘try it on’ and see how well your new attitude fits.  Wear it, test it out, make sure it’s comfortable, and see what results it gets.

Start to notice the changes you experience as a result of your new attitude, and review the changes to make sure they support your goal.

Once you’ve identified the ideal attitudes you need to help you move forward in life,  give them your total commitment and follow through.  Choose your attitude everyday and commit to a future that you’re inspired and motivated by.  I guarantee you’ll reap the rewards!

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Faye Hollands

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