A Day In The Life Of…. A Remedial Massage Therapist

Published: September 17, 2010
By: Faye Hollands

Today we take a look into the very busy life of Amy Kimber, a Natural Healthcare Therapist who runs her own business – Absolute Healing –  specialising in Remedial Massage…

Professional Profile

  • Name: Amy Kimber
  • Job: Natural Healthcare Therapist specialising in Remedial Massage
  • Company: Absolute Healing

What is your current occupation?

I have been in business for 5 years now as a Natural Healthcare Therapist, running my own business – Absolute Healing.  I am also a Massage Lecturer at ACNT since 2008, a Yoga Teacher and I’m also currently studying to be a Doula.

What were you doing before you started your career as a Therapist?

I worked for Ambition recruitment for 2.5 years in IT Contracting, and towards the end worked part-time whilst I built up my massage business.

How did you make the move into your current position?

I was lucky enough to come across a 6-month intensive course in Remedial Massage.  Ambition was very supportive and allowed me to work part-time whilst I studied and built up my business.  I left there in 2006.

I was also fortunate to have a very supportive husband who financially made it possible to me to make this transition out of the corporate world and into the wonderful world of Natural Therapies!

As it turns out, Remedial Massage was only the very start of the path into Natural Therapies! It opened many doors and avenues for me and since then I have gone on to complete a further Certificate in Polarity Therapy and Diploma in Integrated Body Therapies, which included CERT IV in Aromatherapy.

After that I did a CERT IV in Nutrition, Certificate in Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Certificate in Natural Facial Therapies and last year I became Certificated Yoga Practitioner – doing an extra course in Yoga and Birth to specialise in Pre-Natal and Mums N Bubs Yoga.  Recently I started training to become a Doula, which means “Birthing Support Person”.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

As well as operating my clinic from home, I lecture at ACNT (Australasian College of Natural Therapies), Teach Pre-Natal Yoga at Samadhi Yoga Camperdown and run my own little Mums n Bubs yoga class in Neutral Bay every Friday mornings at a Community Church. So every day is completely different! None is ever the same and I have to change my hat more than once a day so to speak. But I will do my best to break if down….

Days of operation:  Tuesday – Saturday

Tuesday’s – Home clinic with clients

  • Up by 7am – 7.30 at latest – Prepare clinic room/House. (Working from home means you must always have a clean and tidy house!)
  • First client starts anywhere from 8.30am till 10am. Do two clients in the morning which are anywhere from 60- 90 minutes long and have min hour lunch break.
  • Start again at 2’ish and treat a further 3 clients and work through usually till 7.30pm. Being a therapist means working long hours into the evening and always being there 100% for your clients, no matter what is going on in your own life.  Often my clients are emotional/depressed/grieving or just in a lot of pain!  My job is to nurture them and help put them back together in a supportive and loving environment, where they feel safe to be themselves and express what it is they may need to let go of.

Wednesday’s – Home clinic 9-12pm;  ACNT 1.30pm-5pm; 6pm- 7.30pm Home clinic

  • Start first client by 9am and have another around 10.30am. Finish at 12.15 at the latest and have a quick change of clothes, have some food before catching the train to Central for teaching at ACNT.
  • Arrive at college to teach my students “Foundations of Massage”.  Teaching is a wonderful thing to do, as you get to give back.  But often you give too much and can be a little exhausted at the end of the week! Massage can bring out many things in people, so when teaching, you have to be mindful of your students state of mind as well as teaching them the fundamental practical side of massaging. Teaching is an art form sometimes!
  • After teaching rush home to treat one more client before the day is out. Due to the limited hours I am available to treat, I pop clients wherever I can! Evening spots are always popular….

Thursday’s – Home clinic 8.30-10am; ACNT 11.30-4.30pm; Doula College 6.30-9pm

  • Fit in one client on a Thursday before I start at College.
  • Teach 5-hour class again with a 30 min break in between.
  • Arrive home between 4.30-5pm. Have a quick change again, eat, cup of tea, put on my Doula Hat and begin the wonderful journey of birthing babies!

Friday’s – Sleep in!! Mums n Bubs Yoga 10.45-12.15pm, afternoon free

Saturday’s – Client 8am-9am; Pre-Natal Yoga 9.30-11.30am; Clients 12.15-5pm

  • Saturday’s are always a bit mad as don’t have much time between my gigs!  Teaching Yoga though completely invigorates me so I always come out feeling refreshed and ready to treat my clients.

What do you love most about your job?

Where do I start! The fact that I get to make such a positive impact on someone’s life and be part of a healing process! Most of my clients have been coming to me since I started and I know them and their families so well and have been through so much with them, its very rewarding.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The hours and the amount of clients who want treatments versus the hours I have available….it can become very overwhelming at times, which is why I get treatments myself at least every fortnight to ensure I am in a good space for them! It is a fine art of “Balance” but I absolute love what I do, and would not have the energy to work the hours I do or change hats like I do, if I didn’t have that little flame of passion in my belly to help others or if I didn’t truly love what I do…

I am now getting to the stage where I cannot fit everyone in and cannot take on new clients at present, which is frustrating as I am preventing my business from growing.  I am currently researching starting my own clinic and bringing on a new therapist who will help share the load and eventually take over once I myself start a family! Its very exciting and I hope to have my healing center 0pen by January 2011.

At times teaching at ACNT can be challenging.  Each semester is different, it all depends on the students and how many you have in a class.  At the moment I only have 10 so its very easy to get around everyone and have a really relaxed class.  Last semester I had 30 students!  They were absolutely lovely, but very vocal and each one had their own little demands. When you are treating clients before and after teaching – this can be challenge!

What are the top 3 pieces of advice you would give someone considering following your footsteps?

  • Stop thinking about it – Do it! Life is too short to be in a career you are not passionate about.
  • Be Realistic – Keep a part-time job whilst you are building your business. Try not to fall into the trap of thinking you cannot do two things at once. I have seen many peers struggle I their business’s because they let their consistent income go and put a lot of pressure on themselves and their business to succeed and pay the bills….it soon becomes no fun and very stressful.  It’s a weight off your shoulders to know that your part-time is merely a means to an end and that it is paying the bills for you on the side, whilst you are building your very own little empire and not having to eat into your hard earned savings.
  • Create what you want to happen – Write in your diary meetings that you want to eventuate and visualise your business/clinic/clients/income – belief me this works!  What you put out in this universe you get back.  I am always visualizing my future.  Money is energy and is works in many ways….be generous with others and you will always receive this back in your own life in many ways.   Do no start your business purely for money – it has to come from a place of passion, and motivation to do something good for you and others.


Amy Kimber is the owner of Absolutely Energy, based in Sydney.

If you would like to contact Amy you can email her at amy@absolutehealing.co.nz


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