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How To Make Decisions More Quickly

August 24, 2015

How many decisions do you think you make in a day? The reality is that making decisions often takes up too much time and attention, which reduces your productivity and can lead to a general sense of overwhelm! If you would like to create more time and less stress in your day read on…

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3 Steps To A Very Productive Day

June 11, 2015

Have you ever had a really great day at work when you felt ‘in the zone’? You know, one of those days where you got all the important things done, felt great and went home with a real sense of achievement? Well guess what, it didn’t just happen by accident, and the good news is…

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How To Stop Bad Moods Ruining Your Productivity

March 10, 2015

Have you ever noticed how your productivity can come to a grinding halt when you’re in a bad mood? Your emotions can have a significant impact on how much you get done on a daily basis, and ultimately how successful you are…

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Is another email really your best option?

October 31, 2014

With so many overflowing inboxes, it’s easy to see that email has become the default way of communicating for so many of us. Checking email first thing in the morning and the self-initiated habit of logging on a million times a day tends to be the norm these days. Yes, it’s quick and easy, but is email really the best form of communication when our lives are already so busy? The answer is categorically no…

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Outshine In The Media: Womens Agenda, August 2014

August 19, 2014

‘Work smarter, not harder’ philosophy may not actually help Article written by Catherine Rodie on 5 August 2014 and published on – you can read the original article here. Women are constantly being told ways to ‘work smarter’ so that you can get more done without having to ‘work harder’ – with helpful suggestions […]

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3 Steps To Increase Your Focus And Attention

July 22, 2014

If you struggle to focus on one thing at a time, have trouble sticking with a task until it’s finished or spend most of your day multi-tasking then you might well be suffering from a new epidemic sweeping business owners and professionals alike.

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1 Step To Improve Focus, Energy & Productivity Quickly

May 27, 2014

A change is as good as a holiday they say. I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but they’re right! Some of us love change, others resist it, but either way we all benefit from the feeling you get when you take time off. But what if you’ve run out of vacation days and are feeling a bit burnt out? Here’s a quick and simple way to refresh the professional-you and increase your energy levels quickly without having to go away anywhere…

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10 Easy Ways To Energise Your Day

April 8, 2014

What can you do when you’ve run out of steam mid-week but still have a hefty to-do list to trawl through? Your energy levels are critical when it comes to completing complex tasks well and working productively, so knowing how to manage your get-up-and-go is really important. If you’ve hit a slump make sure you swot up on these simple tips to help lift your day….

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Postive Thinking Is Out Of Fashion

April 1, 2014

We all know we need to quash negative thinking and be as positive as possible. It’s a nice idea, but often easier said than done. Being positive has huge benefits but when the proverbial hits the fan it can be really tough to remain upbeat, and even trickier to still get the important stuff done when you’re feeling down. So instead of trying to be more positive more of the time, I want to introduce you to the new kid on the block when it comes to thinking, and one you’d be wise to make your friend if you want to remain productive even when you mood tries to dictate otherwise…

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How To Be Productive

February 11, 2014

I ran one of my favourite training courses last week on ‘How To Get More Done In Less Time’, and after 7 years of time management coaching I know first hand what a big difference just a few simple techniques can make to a busy persons day. Most people haven’t been to ‘time management school’ […]

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