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Why You Need To Think Bigger Than 2016

January 7, 2016

This is not another blog post about new years resolutions (hooray!). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good goal and get excited about this time of year as it feels fresh, new, and full of possibility. But as 95% of people fail to achieve their resolutions, it’s also a time that can be laden with frustration, doubt and overwhelm if the prior year didn’t quite work out as you’d planned, or if time seems to be passing you by with no real sense of achievement or progress.

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How To Get Back On Track

April 22, 2014

I’m starting to get a little nervous. In less than 11 weeks I’ll be running my first marathon, and my training hasn’t been going to plan recently. I derailed over Easter, and with a injury that’s making it hard to walk at times, I’m starting to panic. But this morning I did what I do best, and now I feel back on track. Regardless of whether it’s an exercise goal, or a change you want to make in your career or business, it’s important to have a strategy to get on top of things when your best laid plans have gone to pot – here’s what I do…

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Say Goodbye To Avoidance

March 19, 2014

How many tasks have you avoided doing this week? Dodging the things you don’t want to do can feel great at the time, but just like many bad habits, avoidance soon catches up with you and the results aren’t always pretty…

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Get Uncomfortable

February 4, 2014

You know the reason why most people don’t get the job, career, business, relationship, or life they want? They not willing to get uncomfortable. Despite saying they want something different, they’re happy sitting tight, putting up with the status quo, or drifting along doing what they know. And if that’s just a teeny bit uncomfortable for you to read you need to keep going…

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5 Steps To Get Started On Your Biggest Goals

September 16, 2013

I’ve got a year until I turn 40 and some huge goals I want to achieve by then, so over the next 12 months I’m on a personal mission to succeed, which I know is going to take a lot of planning, determination and commitment. The problem is though that setting a great goal is very different to actually achieving it, so what’s the best way to start tackling the goals that really matter?

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How To Get Lucky In Your Career

May 6, 2013

Today I’m back from maternity leave and I’m excited to be working again. I’m sitting in my track pants looking out at the pool and escarpment from my back yard – its’ a beautiful view in a relaxed environment. I’ll work two days this week, I have some great clients back on board with me, and I’m confident that the second half of this year will be a good one for both my family and Outshine. Many have said I’m lucky. I get to work the hours I want, with the clients I like, and I’m carving out a lifestyle that I really love. But I strongly dispute that I’m lucky – I’m not. Here’s why…

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5 Critical Questions To Kickstart Your New Year

January 9, 2013

There are millions of articles dedicated to new year resolutions but with 95% of people missing the mark every year writing out another list of cliche’s is like groundhog day for many. So if you’re looking for a fresh new perspective on making the most of the new year, here are 5 questions that will get you heading in the right direction, fast…

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