What The Rat In My Kitchen Can Teach You About Success

Published: April 23, 2010
By: Faye Hollands

To my horror a rat ran across my kitchen floor last week, and with increasing confidence he continues to pay us regular visits, helping himself to my dogs dinner and sending me into a screaming frenzy!  To my amazement he’s actually managed to chew through an external wall which I’m sure was no mean feat, and as I sat waiting for him to waltz in again last night it occurred to me that we can all learn a lesson or two from my new rodent friend…

How To Chew Through Big Walls

In the course of my job I spend a lot of time talking to people who want develop their career, move up the corporate ladder, or set up a business of their own, and it’s always exciting to hear how passionate and enthusiastic they are about the road ahead.  Unfortunately, that passion and excitement doesn’t always last, and for many the road can get tough when their mindset changes and the motivation wanes.  So how do you get through the tough times and reach the success you’re aiming for?

Well that’s where Mr Rat comes in.  The hole that he’s managed to get through wasn’t there 4 weeks ago when we moved in, so the tenacious little bugger has managed over that time to chew his way  to nirvana a.k.a. a bowl of fresh fruit and oodles of dog biscuit.  Not a bad catch eh!

Now I’m sure there must have been other things Mr Rat could have got his teeth into more easily outside the house, but for this particular creature his eye was on the main prize, and he didn’t let a 40kg dog scare him off, nor a vicious broom or a husband with toe-capped boots.

My point is that I see too many people give up on their version of nirvana, and let barriers block their path to success.  I’ve come across many capable souls who are desperate to run their own business but can’t work out what they want to do, and the same goes for career-change wannabe’s who hate their current career path but are struggling to figure out what to do next.  Instead of working through the block, and continuing to do little things everyday to bring them closer to their goal, they falter at the first, second and third hurdle and in the end give up because their comfort zone is far more familiar and safe than the new, exciting road they would like to embark on.

On the flip-side, my new found rodent friend hasn’t let a solid wall deter him, and through daily action and resilience has eventually reached his goal!  Now the path can’t have been easy, but I’m sure the rewards in our kitchen have made it all worth while.

So what goals have you put off because you thought reaching them might be a tad tough?  And what dreams have you ditched because it was easier to stay in your comfort zone?  Be brutally honest with yourself because the answers to those questions have the power to shape your future.

There’s a quote that I’ve been living by for the past year or so that’s transformed my career and business, and I’m pretty sure it’s what got Mr Rat through that tough wall too:-

“Ordinary things, consistently done, produce extraordinary results”

Ratty knew that if he kept going, if he chewed and chewed and chewed, he would – eventually – reach his goal.  Consistent action got him the end result and it can do the same for you.

So choose to learn from my feral friend and get cracking on the goals you’ve been hoping, dreaming, waiting and wishing for.  Your own business, a career you love, a lifestyle you enjoy – they are all there waiting for you, you just need to put put one foot in front of the other, every day, to reach them.  Make consistency your best friend!

And in the meantime, if anyone would like a big fat rat in their house just let me know – he’s a wise one, but very hard to catch!

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Written by Faye Hollands – Director at Outshine Consulting.  Faye is an accomplished Career Coach and Time Management Specialist who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create a career they love, get more done in less time, and achieve personal and professional success.  You can contact Faye on +61 2 8323 4335 or email fayehollands@outshineconsulting.com

Faye Hollands

About Faye Hollands

Faye is an accomplished Career Coach, Small Business Coach and Productivity Specialist who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create a career they love, get more done in less time, and achieve personal and professional success. To receive weekly articles to improve your career, business and time management skills click here or book your Free Focus Session here.

You can contact Faye on +61 2 8323 4335 or email fayehollands@outshineconsulting.com

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