Are You Boring Important People?

Published: March 22, 2016
By: Faye Hollands

If you’ve got a resume or a LinkedIn profile there’s something you need to make sure you’re NOT doing, and that’s boring your intended readers!  Unfortunately, many people fall into the trap of sending their audience to sleep with the documents that are supposed to create employment or business opportunities.  Instead of wowing them with smart and inspiring marketing collateral that clinches the deal, they often end up making this embarrassing mistake on the hunt for a new job or more business…

Let’s face it, if you’re on LinkedIn or are sending your resume out, there’s a reason for it.  You either want to network with others, build a stronger brand, or get hired.

The problem is that VIP’s like your prospective new boss, the exec’s you want to network with, or the new clients you want to get on board, aren’t generally compelled to take action if what they read sends them to sleep.  And that’s what happens when you have to read a profile that’s a list of responsibilities or the equivalent of a job description.

I’ve lost count of how many CV’s and on-line profiles I’ve read where the writer has simply listed all of their day-to-day activities, or a drab and dull job title.   As true as these points may be, they don’t highlight what is great about that person, or how they’ve added value or solved a problem for their current employer or clients.   Instead, their neatly listed bullet points simply say what they are supposed to do in their job, and are just the bare basics of their role in most cases.

Importantly, you must start thinking like a marketer.  You are the Sales & Marketing Team for ‘Brand You’ so if you fail to promote yourself effectively, your sales will be pretty low or non-existent which means goodbye new job/clients and adios important network!

Instead of listing your job responsibilities turn each point into a example of where you have: –

  • Added value
  • Saved or made money
  • Solved a problem

These 3 key points address why an employer or client would want to hire you, or a prospective contact would want to network with you.  And importantly, they’re a lot more interesting than reading a list of duties – regardless of how interesting your job is!

So take a look at your resume or LinkedIn profile right now and be honest with yourself.  Are you sending your readers to sleep or are you enticing them to want to read more?  Highlighting your achievements and making a few minor changes you can have a major impact on the results you get.


Faye Hollands

About Faye Hollands

Faye is an accomplished Career Coach, Small Business Coach and Productivity Specialist who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create a career they love, get more done in less time, and achieve personal and professional success. To receive weekly articles to improve your career, business and time management skills click here or book your Free Focus Session here.

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