Are You Getting It Right Or Wrong?

Published: March 15, 2010
By: Faye Hollands

How many times have you ummed and arghed over a decision so much so that in the end you did nothing because you didn’t know the ‘right way’ to move forward?  I see this all the time in my coaching practice and it’s amazing how people hold themselves back because they’re so focused on making ‘the right decision’ that they ultimately end up doing nothing for fear of getting it ‘wrong’!

Stop Waiting

Well here’s the wake-up call – there is no right or wrong.  All too often people create a sense of anxiety and stress because they’re worried they might make a mistake.  During which time they typically initiate a lot of self-talk about what might go wrong, how their life might be impacted and what their boss or friends might think which ultimately stop them making a decision that could positively change their life.

Making decisions is an important strategy to create opportunities for yourself and is part and parcel of life.  If you don’t create opportunities you become stagnant and life can remain the same day in, day out which ultimately leaves most people feeling unfulfilled and stale.  Part of living an abundant life is growing and evolving and to do that you need to leave your fear of making a wrong decision behind so that you can create new possibilities for yourself.

Yes, some decisions might be better than others but unless you try them out you’ll never know.  The reality is that some decisions which appear logical at the time may in fact not work out the way you had planned so logic isn’t always the guiding light – you have to be ready and willing to accept some level of risk in order to move forward.

But lets face it,  what’s more risky: making a decision and trying something new which may or may not work, or staying in your comfort zone and never fully realising the life you were capable of living?   As William Shed said “A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are build for.”

Trying something new is always risky because there’s no crystal ball to tell you precisely what will happen, but there is also the risk that the opportunities you create for yourself are more exciting that you had ever imagined!

So if there’s something you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with make the decision to change it today.  Start by making a plan and setting yourself some goals so that you are motivated to make those changes and move forward each and every day.  But remember – there is no right or wrong – so if you make a decision today but don’t like it tomorrow, change it!

You are in control of the choices you make, and the opportunities you create – go ahead and enjoy them!

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Faye Hollands

About Faye Hollands

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