Are You A Bad (Career) Friend?

Published: November 18, 2014
By: Faye Hollands

Imagine for a moment that you career is your best friend – now think about how you’ve been treating her lately.  Do you wake up on a Monday morning dreading seeing her?  Do you wish your time away when you’re with her?  And do you try and forget about her as much as possible?  If you’re treating your career like an enemy, rather than a best buddy, it’s time to give your friendship an overhaul…


In Australia ‘mateship’ is a strong part of our culture that embodies equality, loyalty and friendship.  We go out of our way for our friends, and enjoy the camaraderie that being mates brings.

However, when it comes to our careers, whether you’re an Aussie or not, the bond isn’t always as strong which can leave us feeling like we’re socialising with the enemy rather than enjoying a great time with our mates.

When you consider that you’ll spend around 186,000 hours of your life in your career, it’s important to recognise that you’re in a long-term relationship, and one that for most people isn’t going away anytime soon.   So if you’re not enjoying the relationship you have with your career currently, but aren’t ready to give it the big heave-ho, then it’s time to ‘make up’ with your best mate and get your friendship back on track.

Here are some simple steps you can take to build a bond with your career:-

  • Ask ‘How are you?‘ – if your career could answer back, what would she say?
  • Give Support – what can you do to help and guide your career?
  • Solve Problems – find out what your career’s problems are and look for solutions – be proactive
  • Introduce – your career deserves to be introduced to others so take it to networking events!
  • Appreciate – everyone likes receiving presents so treat your career to a good book, a training course or book her in for some quality coaching

Imagine if you treated your career like a best friend everyday … how differently would you feel right now about the work you’re doing? Would Monday morning’s get a bit easier?  And do you think you might stop wishing your week away?

Give it a try and post a comment below to let me know how you get on! (or book in for a complimentary focus session now – your career deserves it!)

Faye Hollands

About Faye Hollands

Faye is an accomplished Career Coach, Small Business Coach and Productivity Specialist who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create a career they love, get more done in less time, and achieve personal and professional success. To receive weekly articles to improve your career, business and time management skills click here or book your Free Focus Session here.

You can contact Faye on +61 2 8323 4335 or email

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