5 Steps to 1 Successful Career Change: How I Did It

Published: July 4, 2012
By: Faye Hollands

On Monday I celebrated a very special birthday when Outshine turning 5 years old.  In my opinion it’s a major achievement as the odds really are stacked up against small businesses during the ‘imprint years’, but on top of that this milestone continues to confirm that the major career change I embarked on all those years ago was right for me.  If you’re wanting to change jobs, reinvent your career, or set up your own empire here are the 5 steps I recommend you take that helped me reach this important landmark…

How I Did It

1.  Find Your Motivation:

You must, must, must get absolute clarity on what truly motivates you at work and at home if you want to create a career that you find rewarding and satisfying long-term.  Assuming your key motivators are money, title, location and career prospects for example are cliches that are incorrect for many despite them using these as deciding factors in their career choices to date.

The key to finding your motivation is in understanding your internal values – and trust me, this is FAR more than writing down a list of things that bear an uncanny resemblance to the company values you’ve probably seen plastered around your employers office or in a HR handbook!

I’d never spent any time thinking about what my values were.  I mean, we all think that trust and honesty are important to us right? But it’s so much more than that.  When I really understood what makes me tick it became blindingly obvious why I had been unhappy in previous jobs and what I needed to look for in my next role in order to really love my career.  Important stuff I’m sure you’d agree!

If you want to know how to do this properly, and I mean REALLY thoroughly, book a free consultation with me now.

2.  Suspend Reality

Stop getting dragged down by what you think are your only career options, being blinkered by your experiences to date.  I wasn’t a Coach before I set up Outshine, and I’d never run a business before, so rest assured that you don’t have to be confined by your resume.

Importantly, before you start making life-changing decisions, make sure you’ve allowed yourself to truly think about what you’d like to do, and not just what you think you ‘should’ or can do.  It might not be that you go down a particular path that you’re incredibly passionate about – after all,  the risk or cost involved might be too high – but suspending reality allows you to open your mind up to the thousands of ideas and opportunities out there.   And when you start to think differently, you’ll behave differently … and that’s when you’ll start getting different results in your career and life.

I knew for years that I wanted to run my own business, but I didn’t have a clue what in.  By suspending reality, and allowing myself to explore what I love doing and was interested in, I found that Coaching was an option I was excited and intrigued by.

3.  Be A Hunter

Here’s where lazy people falter or come to a standstill.  Changing career takes effort – major effort in many cases.  Once you’ve come up with a few ideas that you’re interested in it’s critical that you become a hunter of information to help you make an informed decision about ‘what next’.

Get out there and speak to people who are actually DOING what you’re interested in.  Don’t just trawl the net and take the information you read at face value … for every person that loves their career choice there will be another who hates it, so you need to speak to lots of people and really get to understand the pro’s and con’s.

Ask lots of questions, meet as many people as you can, and be open minded.

I went to multiple open days at various coaching colleges, spoke to lots of qualified coaches, researched the industry and how it was developing, and started building up a strong network of people who I could call on to understand the nuts and bolts of a coaching career and what was involved in running my own business.  Thankfully I loved what I heard and it all made sense, but that’s not always the case and the beauty of hunting and gathering is that it really can stop you from making a big mistake, and wasting valuable time, energy and money.

4.  Create A Roadmap

Once you’ve made your decision, and it meets your values, the next step is to build a roadmap of what you want your career to look like and how you’re going to get there.

For many, changing career is a collection of steps and it’s important to know what order to take them in and how much work you’ve got ahead of you to reach your final destination.  Think of it this way – if you’re going away for the weekend and want to have a great time you’re much more likely to achieve that by knowing where you’re heading and how you’re going to get there.  Driving aimlessly, hoping to find an idyllic beach or the perfect accommodation isn’t a safe-bet, so don’t do the same with your career.

Forget boring plans and tedious templates – I get my clients to do exactly what I did 5 years ago, and literally draw a colourful roadmap that’s full of the turns they need to take to reach each of the steps on their career roadmap.

Once you know where you’re heading, work backwards and plan out every step along the way so that you have a clear vision of the road ahead.

5.  Move Forward

Now it’s time to hit the accelerator and move forward, but the key for me in reaching this milestone was being consistent in my efforts.

It’s all well and good zooming along at a million miles an hour at the very start, when you’re excited about the road ahead and want to get there ASAP, but maintaining that level of energy and enthusiasm can be hard, especially if the road ahead is a long one.

The most successful people know that consistency is a key ingredient in building a career you love or a business that booms.  So pace yourself – commit to your roadmap and then work through the steps consistently rather than approaching the road ahead like a rollercoaster.

I studied for 3 years and did pro-bono coaching most nights when I got home from work during that time.  I worked long hours, studied hard, and on top of that was also learning how to setup and run a business at the same time.  It wasn’t easy, in fact it was very tiring and time consuming, BUT I did it consistently until Outshine when live 5 years ago.

I’ve then applied this same mindset to everything I do in my business ever since, so I’ve always built a roadmap and then followed the steps consistently.

If you want to change career or set up your own business, commit to your goal and then make the steps along the way small and manageable so that you keep moving forward at a steady pace, week after week.  I guess it’s a bit like the tortoise and the hare fable… consistent effort will get you there in the end!

So where does all of this leave me 5 years down the track? Well, I can honestly say I STILL love my career, and I’ve never been able to say that before!  I look forward to going to work, my job meet my values on a consistent basis, and I’ve built a career that meets my needs personally and professionally.

A lot has happened during that time and life has changed considerably  – I got married, had a baby and moved house (several times!) – but because I’ve stayed true to these 5 steps, and because I’m crystal clear on what I need from my career to continue to love my job, nothing has changed when it comes to my career satisfaction.

Outshine has grown and evolved, I’ve progressed considerably as a Coach, and my client base has become more complex, senior and exciting.  There have been endless challenges along the way, it certainly hasn’t all been plain sailing, but 5 years on Outshine is in the best shape it’s ever been and goes from strength to strength every week.  Something I’m very proud of, and continue to work hard on.

So a big THANK YOU to everyone that has helped me get this far, and I hope for those of you reading this blog post my experiences can help you build a career that you love too.


Written by Faye Hollands – Director at Outshine Consulting and Busy Working Mumma.

Faye is an accomplished Career Coach, Small Business Coach and Productivity Specialist who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create a career they love, get more done in less time, and achieve personal and professional success.

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You can contact Faye on +61 2 8323 4335 or email fayehollands@outshineconsulting.com

Faye Hollands

About Faye Hollands

Faye is an accomplished Career Coach, Small Business Coach and Productivity Specialist who has successfully coached countless clients on how to create a career they love, get more done in less time, and achieve personal and professional success. To receive weekly articles to improve your career, business and time management skills click here or book your Free Focus Session here.

You can contact Faye on +61 2 8323 4335 or email fayehollands@outshineconsulting.com

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3 Responses to 5 Steps to 1 Successful Career Change: How I Did It

  1. Kate

    Hi Faye


    Few people stay in a job for five years, let alone stay and remain passionate and enthusiastic.

    In a world of information overload, and emails always trying to grab my attention, your weekly email is always opened, read and enjoyed.

    Well done for creating something that has provided so much value for all of us – and for you too!


  2. Joanna

    Dear Faye,

    Congratulations! Keep continuing Outshine’s development because it is a wonderful coaching company thanks to your person.

    Thousands thank you for all your posts and for your sessions that I could enjoy so far.
    All the time, all this I could learn from you was and still is a great help for me.

    I look forward to reading your new post.
    Best wishes,


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