3 Top Tips To Beat Workplace Stress

Published: April 12, 2010
By: Faye Hollands

Many people want to run their own business because their feel it will give them more control over their career, but being employed doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy similar benefits – you simply need to start being the CEO of your own company. YOU!

Get More Control

If you would like to increase the control you have over your career, and reduce your stress levels, follow these 3 top tips and start enjoying some ‘Business Owner’ benefits today:-

Top Tip #1: Decide What You Want

One of the reasons self-employed people can feel less stress is that they have control over their future, rather than feeling that their destiny is in someone else’s hands. This isn’t reserved only for those who run their own business – if you’re employed it’s important to ask yourself what YOU want out of your job rather than being defined solely by your job description.

Take a moment to think about the reasons why you initially took on the job you have at the moment and whether anything has changed since? Do you have different priorities now? If so, are those priorities being met? It’s important to think about how you can use your job to achieve what’s important to you so don’t feel confined by your job description – be creative in your thinking and work out how you can utilise your job to your best advantage.

Top Tip #2: Keep Growing

Something I love about running my own company is that I get to choose how I develop myself, and how often, which combined with the natural progression of my business means I’m constantly developing – a great way to combat stress. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case if you’re employed as you don’t necessarily have control over your training budget, but that’s no excuse to ‘stand still’ when it comes to your own personal development.

Keep your eyes open for new projects or tasks that will help develop your skills and lead to a sense of accomplishment. Be proactive in your personal development by asking to get involved in new things and by putting yourself out there so that you are recognised as someone who wants to learn and grow. Sitting back and waiting for a course to be thrown your way isn’t a successful strategy to build ‘You Inc.’!

Top Tip #3: Quit Moaning

One thing I don’t do is sit around moaning – it gets my business nowhere. When you get yourself into a negative frame of mind your stress levels soar and energy levels plummet which is not a good combination! So if you find yourself falling into the “ain’t life awful” club it’s time to give yourself a kick up the backside and consider what the CEO of ‘You Inc.’ should do next. Think about what you can do to change your situation and take personal responsibility for the results you’re getting. Be smart and ask for help when you need it, and surround yourself with positive people – energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

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Faye Hollands

About Faye Hollands

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