• Kylie Lewis – Office Manager

    "One of the hardest things I've found in my working life has been defining exactly what I want my career to look like. Working with Faye has been an enlightening career changing experience. I now know exactly what makes me happy at work and, just as importantly, what to avoid. Through a series of exercises and mind maps, Faye helped me identify my ideal role and, with her guidance, I created the roadmap to get me there. Faye has armed me with the tools to make considered job choices that correlate with my final goal rather than just hoping for the best. I can't thank Faye enough for her continued support and for empowering me to take control of my future"

    —Kylie Lewis – Office Manager
  • Caroline Heckendorf – Director, Natural Bond Baby Massage

    "Wow, yesterday's session was amazing - I finally feel like I've got constructive stuff to do and there's a direction and a plan which is exactly what I was looking for! I just want to say a big thank you for yesterday's business coaching session. I got exactly what I wanted from the session - to feel focused, to have direction and most importantly, to have a marketing plan. I had no specific direction before and my marketing plan wasn't really a plan, it was just lots of 'bits of paper with ideas' lying around! I can't tell you how motivating it is to feel like I know where I'm going now and to know that I won't waste my days on things I shouldn't be spending time on!"

    —Caroline Heckendorf – Director, Natural Bond Baby Massage
  • Jennifer Blau – Editor, Harpercollins Australia and Author – The 50 Book

    ""Speaking in public is nerve-wracking no matter how experienced you are and everyone can benefit from some coaching on this. Faye was wonderful in helping our group tackle the process in easy to follow steps, helping us to build confidence and an understanding of how to deliver an effective presentation. We even had some fun along the way.""

    —Jennifer Blau – Editor, Harpercollins Australia and Author – The 50 Book
  • Anna McGowan – Recruitment Consultant

    "I had the privilege of having team training on a couple of occasions with Faye on Networking & Communication Skills and How To Get More Done In Less time. I found Faye to be exceptional in her ability to personally engage with all the team as a whole and as individuals. Faye is able to tailor her plans to suit and focus on what can make us more efficient in our day to day routine which is extremely important in recruitment and also how to manage our time more effectively. I highly recommend Faye for anyone wanting more from their career, my sessions with her definitely made my days much more productive. Thanks Faye"

    —Anna McGowan – Recruitment Consultant
  • Camellia Yildirim – HarperCollins Publishers

    "From Faye I've learned invaluable skills that I continue to use every day. Her workshops are detailed and her style of teaching through experiential learning helps really cement ideas and skills. For instance, when I did the Presentation Skills workshop with her I loved that we were taught the skills and then asked to give a presentation after which we received detailed feedback which was honest and very constructive."

    —Camellia Yildirim – HarperCollins Publishers
  • Dan Mather – Head of Technology Client Services Asia Pacific

    "Faye is simply excellent to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Not only is she able to deliver great group coaching, but her one on one sessions are also splendid. I have engaged her personally on a career planning program as well as a CV and LinkedIn writing course which I found to be key in helping to identify a suitable future career path and update my CV and LinkedIn profile. Faye makes you work hard and doesn't hand you the answers on a platter, this as far as I am concerned is a critical attribute of the best career coaches and delivers results in spades. I would be delighted to engage Faye in the future, she can bring huge value to corporation group development as well as being able to offer exceptional tailored personal programs."

    —Dan Mather – Head of Technology Client Services Asia Pacific
  • Melissa Millwood – Owner, Dogawash Mobile Grooming

    "Faye's workshop provided me with focus and direction, and exceeded my expectations. As a mobile dog groomer, it's hard to find workshops that can be adapted to my profession; yet Faye's workshop 'How to Build a Business Success Roadmap' did. It allowed me to plan for the next twelve months for budget forecasts, advertising, brand recognition and my strengths and weaknesses. Within a few weeks my customer base and earnings had dramatically risen and my budget forecasts were five months ahead of schedule. "

    —Melissa Millwood – Owner, Dogawash Mobile Grooming
  • Rebecca Schafer – The Places You’ll Go; Yoga for Kids

    "To any fellow small business owners out there: I finished my week today with a super fun, creative and inspiring small business workshop with Outshine Consulting. No talk of business models (phew!), just lots of cutting, glueing, creating, and dreaming. Right down my alley! I feel motivated in the same way that a yoga class makes me feel motivated. Lots of goals for the future of 'The Places You'll Go; Yoga for Kids', watch this space!"

    —Rebecca Schafer – The Places You’ll Go; Yoga for Kids
  • Anna Pockley, Senior Manager PMO at Perpetual Limited

    "Faye's career change toolkit program is amazing. I just wish I found her earlier! Faye has a fun, personable approach that is both generous and genuine. I was worried about fluff and definitely didn’t experience any. All our sessions were focused, fun and motivating. I understood where we were heading, looked forward to doing my homework and getting to the next session and am now lucky to be armed with proven tools and techniques to apply to future decisions and choices. Powerful stuff really! I’d like to thank Faye for her faultless belief in my ability to achieve my goals and look forward to working with her again"

    —Anna Pockley, Senior Manager PMO at Perpetual Limited
  • Amanda Bauer – Director – Feel Alive Fitness and Personal Training

    "I started my Personal Training business in Feb 2014 and my initial consultation with Faye was a brainstorming session. This session gave me focus and direction, and information that I can use to help me move forward and grow my business. The check-list is a work in progress but at least I am armed with the information required to succeed. Faye really opened up my eyes as to what I should be doing to market myself and how affiliating myself with other businesses would help me create a bigger client base and get my name out into the market place. Faye is a truly inspirational person in her working and personal lives. I had been lucky enough to complete marathons and other awesome running events with her by my side and even then she helps me on the field. I would recommend Faye to anyone who is feeling stuck in a rut, unsure what to do with their small business or you just need some mentoring or guidance. She has certainly helped me, and my business. Thank you Faye for all of your help and motivation it is really appreciated, more than you know. "

    —Amanda Bauer – Director – Feel Alive Fitness and Personal Training
  • Preeti Govindan

    "One of the most challenging things that I’ve faced since moving to Australia was the inability to fit in both culturally and professionally. I hadn’t worked in a long time after having a family and I really felt like I was not moving forward. Working with Faye was one of the best decisions that I made. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and she really helped me to get the ball rolling. Her Career change toolkit provided me with the skills that I needed to go out there and find the career of my choice. As an added bonus, it has opened up avenues for me to understand this place better and call it my home. I can’t thank you enough Faye for this. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some guidance either in their personal or professional lives."

    —Preeti Govindan
  • Jonathan Connolly – Director of People & Technology at HarperCollins Publishers

    "I did my first workshop with Faye over 10 years ago. Since then, she has rolled out numerous training & coaching programs for my organisation. I have never had less than perfect feedback from anyone she has worked with. I can't recommend Faye highly enough."

    —Jonathan Connolly – Director of People & Technology at HarperCollins Publishers
  • Amanda Diaz Publicity Manager – Children’s Books at HarperCollins Publishers

    "Faye worked with me as a coach over six sessions over several months and was fantastic. Practical, logical, sensible and effervescent, she changed the way I approached so many aspects of office life. Her advice and teachings are absolutely invaluable."

    —Amanda Diaz Publicity Manager – Children’s Books at HarperCollins Publishers
  • Lenny Chadd – Director, Signature Fitness

    ""I went to see Faye when my Personal Training business was idling along and not really reaching my targets nor growing in the manner i wanted it to. I could tell from my first phone call to Faye she cared about my mission to build a successful business. Our work started with some self discovery which Faye guided me through in terms of client base and developing a brand. Our next challenge was to setup an affiliate program with other like minded businesses, which we now have sucessfully completed. Our last challenge was to setup a website and really start to market my services my website and newsletter etc. Faye has help guide me through every possible problem with amazing success building solutions and i really appreciate her postive and personable attitude. I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone unhappy in their current position and wanting more fromt their Life and Career.""

    —Lenny Chadd – Director, Signature Fitness
  • Samantha Ryan – Senior Change Manager,  News Ltd

    ""Working with Faye has been one of the best investments I've made in myself and my career. She has used her excellent skills in strategy, motivation and planning to bring clarity, insight and impetus to my career and personal development. I have learnt much from her - thoroughly enjoying the process - and now regard her as an invaluable sounding board as I plan and take further key steps in my career. I recommend her highly to anyone who is keen to make a step change towards even greater success in their professional or personal life.""

    —Samantha Ryan – Senior Change Manager, News Ltd

    ""I have been working with Faye for over a year now. Suffice to say that it has been a year of significant change in both my working and personal life. Throughout, Faye has been a voice of inspiration and reason, which gave me the confidence to move forward positively. Faye has acted as a Sounding Board, a Coach and a Second Conscience ensuring that the decisions I have made have been well thought through. Faye has also spent a significant amount of time helping to develop Business Plans and build referral networks. I have always found Faye to be professional, insightful and incredibly generous with her time. For anyone requiring career guidance or coaching, I highly recommend Faye and Outshine Consulting""

    —Matt Ritchie – Manager, Business Development at MLC Ltd
  • Tim Dominguez – Strategic Sales Manager

    "Faye Hollands guided and worked with me in formulating a first class presentation to prospective employers and reignite my confidence. My name is Tim Dominguez and I am 56 years of age. I have achieved unprecedented success in sales, team management and business operations with 3 major International companies and 1 National company. I was made redundant at the end of August 2011 and I thought that I would be with a major company in no time at all. WRONG!!! Results, experience and enthusiasm met nothing compared to my age. Faye was recommended to me by a friend who was coached by Faye. After our first discussion Faye then set a plan into motion to present me to employers, agencies, web sites, Linkedin and networking. Faye shook of the cobwebs and made me think about what we had to do and me to believe in myself again - all of the for mentioned we 100% achieved. The following is a brief summary of how Faye guides and helps you to achieve success: * Presentation of your CV and Introduction letters - I received many favourable comments on the professional and informative presentation of myself and my CV * Forget about poor me - remind yourself of how good you are * Polish's a great diamond to be perfectly presented * Makes you think about what has to be presented, how to go about it and how to win * Encourages you and makes sure you are not in a slump but positively encourages you out of it when you think the world is against you * Faye reinvented me and made me believe that I truly would be an asset to my employer. I am pleased to announce that after 8 weeks of unemployment, I commence employment with a National company as their State branch and operations manager. I seriously don't believe I would have gained employment, at the mid to senior management level, without Faye's help""

    —Tim Dominguez – Strategic Sales Manager
  • Jo Wise – Leadership & Behavioural expert, Training – Stellar Point

    ""From the first time I came into contact with Faye I was struck by her strength, passion and inspirational focus toward everyone she comes into contact with. Faye is quick to get to the heart of matters and expands the choices for everyone she works with in coaching, training or as a presenter. She is a professional that delivers 200% time after time and I cannot recommend her enough!""

    —Jo Wise – Leadership & Behavioural expert, Training – Stellar Point
  • Tamas Gantner – Senior Statistician at Anomaly Research and Analytics

    ""Faye was my professional mentor on my one-year coaching program between Sep11 to Aug12. Although I entered into the coaching with a lot of scepticism, she managed to demonstrate to me beyond doubt that coaching done with such great professionalism as Faye is doing it can yield immediately tangible results and provide a new perspective on how to achieve one's goals. I found her to be well-prepared for each coaching session and she even went an extra step further as she followed up each coaching session with additional thoughts and guidance that helped me better identify action points to achieve my goals faster. I found her practical tips particularly useful and to go a long way once I implemented them. Upon the completion of my coaching with her, I found myself to be significantly better at setting new goals and developing strategies to achieve them. I have also become more efficient in areas where I thought I could not possibly add further efficiency. Above all, I am particularly grateful for her for helping me develop valueable coping strategies that are not only applicable in the context of work but all walks of life. I am considering to hire Faye again to do some further work together in the near future and strongly recommend her for anyone who would like to make both professional and personal progress but feels stuck for great ideas and inspiration. Faye will work wonders!""

    —Tamas Gantner – Senior Statistician at Anomaly Research and Analytics
  • Amanda Stephens – General Manager, Legal and Human Resources at RHR Group

    ""I thoroughly enjoyed working with Faye during my coaching program. Faye is very experienced and manages to ensure that she gets the best out of you which enables you to get the best out of her coaching. Her enthusiasm and warmth is like having your own personal fan club which is really appreciated when you need to dig down deep to truly understand yourself and what you want to achieve. I would without hesitation recommend Faye to anyone looking to get clear about the future that they envisage for themselves!""

    —Amanda Stephens – General Manager, Legal and Human Resources at RHR Group
  • Valeria Toscano, Sales Operations Specialist

    ""I arrived to Australia 3 months before contacting Faye. Since then, I had been unsuccessfully looking for job. The decision of consulting a professional coach hasn't been easy to take, but ,now, I regret not having taken it before. Faye is a dedicated professional, a true mentor. From the very first session with her, I have gained useful knowledge and developed excellent skills that quickly led me to secure a job in Sydney. Faye tailor made our coaching sessions so that I could take the best advantage of them and grew on a professional point of view. She helped me to develop my interview skills, we worked intensively on my CV and cover letter and she also unveil to me the secrets of the so far undiscovered world of LinkedIn, enabling me to give more and better visibility to my profile. As I result, I felt more confident and motived in my job search and Before my 3 session with her I had found the job I wanted!! Faye is easy to talk to and a great coach. I would recommend her to anyone who needs career guidance and coaching. Thank you again, Faye!""

    —Valeria Toscano, Sales Operations Specialist
  • Elizabeth Leow, Business Director & Senior Sales & Marketing Director

    ""I have a great time working with Faye during my coaching program. Knowledgeable, experienced and sincere, Faye organised and managed each coaching session well to ensure that I get the best out of my coaching sessions. She is practical, warm and considerate which makes me feel comfortable and allows her to draw the best out of me. I will definitely recommend Faye to anyone..""

    —Elizabeth Leow, Business Director & Senior Sales & Marketing Director
  • Monica Brandariz Sanchez – Senior Accounts Payable, Star Track Express

    "" I feel very fortunate for meeting Faye. She is very awake, passionate, involved and enthusiastic. Very professional and with the right level of curiosity to bring out to the open just what is needed for you to move on. Reliable and great to keep the tension for you to achieve your goals. She is also very inspiring, supportive and a great role model. She has definitely made an impact in my life by helping me to believe, explore different options and by putting into practice simple and create tools to act. Congratulations for the great job!" "

    —Monica Brandariz Sanchez – Senior Accounts Payable, Star Track Express
  • Melissa McGroder – Director, My Marketing Department Pty Ltd

    ""Faye has rocked my world on more than 1 occasion. I consider my sessions with Faye my "insurance policy" - they keep me on track and accountable as a small business owner who needs that extra little push from time to time. I've recommended Faye to friends and colleagues and they've all agreed that her personable approach and result oriented strategies are second to none. You can bet I'll be back for more""

    —Melissa McGroder – Director, My Marketing Department Pty Ltd
  • Joanna Bouissou, Marketing Officer, France

    "Faye is a wonderful person and great professional providing high-level coaching services. I have learned a lot from her; her concrete professional advices, her support and generous sharing of her expertise are so helpful. Even the example of her own professional career is a real inspiration; it is a true path of transformation: moving from an employee role to its own business creator, totally in line with its own values. I am also a passionate reader of Faye’s newsletters and I find them truly stimulating. She always finds a natural mean to encourage asking yourself the right questions that are moving you out of the comfort zone and making you continue the work on your personal and professional development with a simple goal of trying to reach the highest possible level of satisfaction of your own life."

    —Joanna Bouissou, Marketing Officer, France
  • – Zahrina Roberston, Photographer – zahrinaphotography.com

    "”Working on my photographic business with Faye has benefited me with results i thought i would never achieve in such a short amount of time and enhanced my relationships with clients. Since being coached by Faye, i now have added 2 staff members, i operate now 2 photographic studios, launched an exciting new photographic division "Digital Branding for Entrepreneurs", 2 books in progress, exhibition in progress, and producing many new photographic products to be launched in 2011, Now a Speaker on Digital Branding for Entrepreneurs, endorsed by a number of businesses as their "Preferred Professional Photographer for all their business and client"..and it just goes on and on, but all this since i met Faye and only since Feb 2011. Faye has clear direction on her friendly approach to coaching and the benefits of what she taught me, are now really taking shape in my business today. I would recommend Faye to anyone wishing to gain clarity in their business, clearly she gets results.” "

    —– Zahrina Roberston, Photographer – zahrinaphotography.com
  • – Katie Whiffen – Author, Great Sydney Dog Walks

    ""Faye's enthusiasm, laser insights, creativity and focus on outcomes ensured that I was able to distill my million-and-one "brilliant" ideas and passions into an array of executable projects. One project - Great Sydney Dog Walks - has just hit the bookshelves. All of this while maintaining an enjoyable corporate role. Hire Faye - don't let your passions and ideas remain unfulfilled, wasting away on scribbled bits of paper in the "one day I'm gunna..." pile." "Faye, thank you so much for your assistance, support and encouragement over the last year. This book only happened because you made me see that it was No.1 on my list of things to do. Without you it would still be a pile of notes and memories at the bottom of a drawer!""

    —– Katie Whiffen – Author, Great Sydney Dog Walks
  • – Lauren Marcellin, Peak Performance Coach and Yoga Instructor, May 2014

    ""I had been through quite a few coaching programs throughout my career but nothing really resonated with me or facilitated the results I was looking for. I always found myself back in the same place... until I met Faye. Faye had been recommended to me by a friend at a time when I just could not go back to that 'same place' for my own sanity. At our first session, Faye presented to me how she could help and more importantly how she would support me through a true 'soul searching' exercise to achieve the goals I so desperately wanted to achieve. Our sessions were extremely challenging as I explored some very delicate topics within my career and my life. The professionalism, trust, awareness, and compassion that Faye maintained, allowed me to peel back so many layers from what had been holding me back, and have a real break through! I am now in a place where I am living my life in a happy and healthy way. I have made a massive change in my career and I attribute the courage that I found to do this, to the process in which Faye facilitated. I would not hesitate to recommend Faye and Outshine Consulting, and I have done so in many cases!" "

    —– Lauren Marcellin, Peak Performance Coach and Yoga Instructor, May 2014
  • Sinead Zille, Teacher

    "“At a dead end street in my career, having no idea where to turn, and with my life stalling in many aspects, I was referred to Faye by a Director of a Financial Planning Firm in Sydney. Uncertain, I decided to enroll in a Career Coaching Course with her. The skills, tools, strategies and learning that I undertook last year has changed the direction of my career and life in the most positive, successful and fulfilling way. I learnt so much about myself, about why certain choices I was making were unhealthy for where I wanted to be, and how to implement positive changes. Most importantly Faye introduced me to the hundreds of possibilities that I would never have known about. I now have a clear direction, have a killer CV, have goals that I have already met (to my surprise), and have an abundance of motivation from Faye’s energy, dedication and expertise in this field. She has an incredible network, and I have applied everything I learnt from my career coaching with her to other aspects of my life. I cannot recommend her courses highly enough, and look back on this investment in myself as one of the best choices I have made.”"

    —Sinead Zille, Teacher
  • Geoff Saxby, Director

    "I did Faye's career coaching program in 2012 and worked with her again in 2013 to start my own business. Our sessions are always productive, worthwhile and fun. She is pragmatic and down to earth and at the end of each session I have a concrete action plan which keeps me focused. She has stretched me in areas where I needed stretching without turning me into someone else. I really appreciate her insights and she has helped me maintain momentum during some low points. I highly recommend Faye"

    —Geoff Saxby, Director

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