Monthly Archives: June 2014

Tighten Your Career Belt

June 24, 2014

My physio is a very brave man. When I saw him yesterday he gave me some advice that I found confronting and many friends disagreed with. It was one of those topics that most people steer away from, and he certainly took a risk when he decided to go down this path with me! But if I’m honest, as hard as it was to hear, I know his advice was spot on and importantly all of us can benefit from it in many areas of our personal and professional lives. So here’s the brutal truth…

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Your Critical Mid Year Adjustment

June 17, 2014

As everyone goes ‘end of financial year’ crazy here in Australia, it’s a great time for assess and readjust your career and business plans. Taking some time out to look at your progress so far, and connect with what you want the rest of the year to look like is crucial if you want to stay on-target and achieving success. But how do you do that and what should you consider? Here are some smart questions to ask yourself to make sure you’re on track for the next 6 months…

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Manage Your Mood To Get More Done

June 5, 2014

If you do a search for time management techniques on the internet Google will generously bring up pages and pages of ideas, tips and options to help you get more done in less time. But there’s one topic that most traditional training courses and articles don’t cover, which is surprising given how dramatically it can impact how productive you’ll be on any given day. So if you’re looking to plow through your to-do list a little more quickly, or simply want to fine tune your productivity know-how, make sure you don’t by-pass this golden nugget…

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Don't Let Frustration Be Your Downfall

June 4, 2014

It’s normal to get frustrated at work right? When things go wrong and plans don’t go to plan, you can find yourself getting a little bit rattled. And then it’s easy to end up snapping at a colleague, writing an email that’s a little too blunt, or just being a tad tricky to be around – none of which help you get the job done any faster! If you’ve been battling with your frustration levels it’s time to take stock…

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