Monthly Archives: August 2013

How To Salvage Unproductive Meetings

August 28, 2013

Sitting in unproductive meetings that bore you senseless week after week is painful and time consuming. No-one wants to waste precious hours twiddling their thumbs, so what can you do if you have to go to one of ‘those’ meetings that regularly turns out to be a waste of time? Here are 5 top tips…

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How Work-Life Blend Can Reduce Stress

August 21, 2013

I’ve been a big advocate of work-life balance. Having worked some stupidly long hours in my corporate career I’ve experienced what it’s like to feel regularly burnt out, and I definitely don’t want to go back there. So I’ve always been conscious of fitting ‘life’ in instead of letting work take over. However… my thoughts have been changing recently, and I’m at an interesting point where I’ve decided to ditch that infamous balance thing, because it simply doesn’t work for me anymore. Here’s why…

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One Very Important Networking No-No

August 11, 2013

This morning I’m presenting at a corporate off-site on how to boost your career through successful networking. One of the keys I’ll be sharing is the importance of follow-up when it comes to internal networking, and how to do it well. I hate it when people fall short of minding their P’s and Q’s, and unfortunately forgetting to follow-up is one of those things that falls into the bad-manners category. So if you’re trying to get ahead in your career, here’s what you need to do when it comes to smart followup…

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5 Steps To Increase Self-Confidence

August 6, 2013

Self-confidence is an important ingredient in creating a successful life, and it’s a quality that everyone admires. Unfortunately though many people struggle to find it which can significantly impact how successful they are. So what can you do if you’re feeling nervous a little too often, or would like to stop fumbling and instead project a confident image to those around you? Here are 5 steps to help increase your self-confidence…

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