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How To Deal With Negative People

July 23, 2012

Working with someone who’s negative more often than not can be tiring, demotivating and damn right annoying. They can suck the life out of you and before you know it you’re drawn into their web of whinging! So what can you do if you’re stuck working with someone who’s glass is always half empty?

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How Much Are You Really Worth?

July 18, 2012

If you’re leaving your training and development in the hands of your boss or HR department you’re heading down a dangerous path and one that can have a negative impact on your career – here’s why…

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Is Your Reason Good Enough?

July 11, 2012

If you’re lacking motivation and can’t find the energy or enthusiasm to get going you’re probably feeling a little frustrated right now. Feeling stuck in a rut can be really annoying, or finding yourself coming to a grinding halt when you’ve been working hard to achieve something isn’t fun either. But the good news is that no matter what your goal or ambition is, there’s a key to getting your mojo back and it’s pretty simple….

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5 Steps to 1 Successful Career Change: How I Did It

July 4, 2012

On Monday I celebrated a very special birthday with my beloved Outshine turning 5 years old. In my opinion it’s a major achievement as the odds really are stacked up against small businesses during the ‘imprint years’, but on top of that this milestone continues to confirm that the major career change I embarked on all those years ago was right for me. If you’re wanting to change jobs, reinvent your career, or set up your own empire, here are the 5 steps I recommend you take that helped me reach this landmark…

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Are You Committed or Just Interested?

June 27, 2012

In a few days I’ll be celebrating Outshine’s 5th birthday – a milestone I’m very proud to reach. As the stats go, getting a small business off the starting blocks and making it to the 5 year mark is an achievement in it’s own right as many don’t get that far. But it hasn’t been easy – it’s taken a lot of hard work and importantly, a truck load of commitment which I believe is a key ingredient to achieving anything worthwhile in life.

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Why The Grass Is Greener

June 18, 2012

Have you ever found yourself wishing you were doing someone else’s job or living a part of their life instead of your own? If you’ve been dreaming of greener pastures but don’t know how to find them, the good news is that the answer’s a lot closer to your front door than you probably think!

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How To Reclaim Free Time

June 11, 2012

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a fair bit time on-line, checking emails, surfing the net, updating Facebook, writing blogs… the list goes on and on! But if things are a little out of balance how can you claim back some free time? Here’s how…

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How Entrepreneurial Possibility Can Help Build Your Career

June 6, 2012

The word ‘Entrepreneur’ is banded around a lot these days, and it’s a label many like to give themselves without truly know what it means. There are many characteristics that make up a true entrepreneur, but one that I think is crucial is the ability to see possibility. This important ingredient is one that every professional can learn to master and use to feed themselves to get ahead in their career. Here’s why…

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Balance Really Does Improve Productivity

May 30, 2012

Ernst & Young released it’s Australian Productivity Pulse Survey this week with some interesting results. Despite the current economic slowdown it showed that a third of Australian workers waste almost a quarter of their day at work, with their lack of productivity costing businesses more than $41 billion each year in wages alone. Thankfully the results also highlighted the need for balance, rather than working longer hours. So if you’re struggling to keep motivated, feeling insecure in your job, or frustrated that you’re not doing your best here’s how to readjust the balance…

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Why You Need To Be A Career Detective

May 23, 2012

Do you remember at school being taught not to copy other people? I distinctly remember holding my hand over my work when I didn’t want anyone else to see what I was doing, or wishing that I could get a glimpse of what my mates where writing when I was stuck and didn’t know the answers. Of course cheating isn’t a strategy I’d recommend to anyone, but a professional adult the tides have turned and if you’re not doing it already, you really should be seeking out the best and emulating them to get ahead in your career. Here’s why…

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