The Career Maximiser™

The 5-Step Shortcut that will help you avoid the biggest mistakes ambitious professionals make, so that you can create a career you love - fast! 

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In This Free 8 Page Blueprint, I'll show you...

  • My exact 5 Step Career Maximiser formula that allows you to design a proactive career plan for a professional future you find inspiring and motivating
  • Step 1 reveals my "Career Navigation" formula which is the key to long-term career satisfaction - and regularly overlooked by most career changers/job hunters
  • Using The Career Maximser will give you a crystal clear framework to follow to build a career you love
  • The 3 questions you must ask yourself to start planning the moves you need to take to get closer to achieving your career goals
  • The steps you must take if you're considering a career change but don't know what to do next, or how to make it happen
  • ... and so much more!

Hi! My name's Faye Hollands...

For 9 years I've been helping professionals like you - who feel stuck in their career and don't know what to do next - design a career they're inspired by, and make the changes needed to create a career they love.

This short blueprint will show you how...

Create a career you love, with ease...

"The skills, tools, strategies and learning that I undertook (with Faye) has changed the direction of my career and life in the most positive, successful and fulfilling way. Most importantly Faye introduced me to the hundreds of possibilities that I would never have known about. I now have a clear direction, have a killer CV, have goals that I have already met (to my surprise), and have an abundance of motivation from Faye’s energy, dedication and expertise in this field" - Sinead Zille

"One of the hardest things I've found in my working life has been defining exactly what I want my career to look like. Working with Faye has been an enlightening career changing experience. I now know exactly what makes me happy at work and, just as importantly, what to avoid. Through a series of exercises and mind maps, Faye helped me identify my ideal role and, with her guidance, I created the roadmap to get me there. Faye has armed me with the tools to make considered job choices that correlate with my final goal rather than just hoping for the best. I can't thank Faye enough for her continued support and for empowering me to take control of my future" - Kylie Lewis

"Faye's career coaching is amazing. Faye has a fun, personable approach that is both generous and genuine. All our sessions were focused, fun and motivating. I understood where we were heading, looked forward to doing my homework and getting to the next session and am now lucky to be armed with proven tools and techniques to apply to future decisions and choices. Powerful stuff really! I’d like to thank Faye for her faultless belief in my ability to achieve my goals and look forward to working with her again” – Anna Pockley

"Working with Faye has been one of the best investments I've made in myself and my career. She has used her excellent skills in strategy, motivation and planning to bring clarity, insight and impetus to my career and personal development. I have learnt much from her ­ thoroughly enjoying the process ­ and now regard her as an invaluable sounding board as I plan and take further key steps in my career. I recommend her highly to anyone who is keen to make a step change towards even greater success in their professional or personal life” ­ - Samantha Ryan

Give your career some love...

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